Whey Power Plus Protein

Whey Power Plus Protein
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Whey Power Plus®, Chocolate Flavored Whey Protein Isolate

How Whey Power Plus® Protein Shake can Help Promote Healthy Breasts

Protein shakes give your body the building blocks required for the synthesis of new hormones. Amino acids are an essential part of proteins. A chain of amino acids form proteins, and it is proteins that are vital to all living organisms. Next to water, proteins make up the greatest portion of our body weight. They make up our organs, glands, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nails and hair.


The composition of each protein is determined by which a chain of amino acid is present, and how they link to form a specific protein. Proteins cannot be obtained from the diet unless they are broken down into amino acids. Therefore, it is amino acids that are truly the essential nutrients. Most people need to supplement their bodies during the "growing process" with these protein nutrients. Experience has shown that using the shakes greatly contributes to the overall success!

Whey Power Plus® uses a proprietary enzyme blend technology in combination with the safe sweetener stevia. A similar product in the health food store is $100 more and they do not use the enzyme technology. Whey Power Plus® is far superior to anything else on the market.

Whey Power Plus® contains whey protein isolate, which is the purest and most absorbable form of whey protein in existence. It is fat, lactose, cholesterol-free and gluten-free!

We only use the whey protein isolate which has all the health benefits and not the inexpensive casein that causes health problems!

Whey Power Plus® is cross-flow-micro-filtered, which is the cleanest processing technique, using no chemicals and no heat (as opposed to ion-exchange processing, which uses both heat and chemicals), thereby producing

whey protein that is highly undenatured, with almost 100% of all the whey sub-fractions intact, including the powerful immune booster lactoferrin.

Plain whey protein is a cheaper product containing fat and casein, casein causes weight gain! Whey protein which costs less money because it contains inexpensive whey protein, not pure whey protein isolate.

Our whey protein isolate protein powder is available to the public at a discount in comparison to health food store prices as a service to our customers.

Whey protein isolate has been found to extend life span in mice which equals an equivalent in 9.6 human years.

Whey protein isolate raises glutathione levels, it protects against tissue damage induced by inflammation.

Glutamine found in our shake is a preferred fuel source for support of epithelial cells lining the small intestine. It is rapidly utilized by tissues during catabolic states, such as gastrointestinal dysfunction among children.

Some of the many anti-aging benefits of whey protein isolate are:

  • Mitochondrial biogenesis, Bone growth, Muscle support, Anticancer defense,
  • Anti-inflammatory protection, antioxidant enhancement, anti-hypertensive effect
  • Anti-microbial activity, cholesterol reduction, mood balancing, improved cognitive function, reduced sarcopenia

Serving size: 27.7 grams.
Servings: 33

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by VictoriaM
I am more happy now than ever before
I started becoming serious about protein shakes and what I was putting into my body and it was showing. The 35B bra’s I almost filled out an after a couple months I was spilling out of a 36B. At a one year and four months I am a full C cup, with a body I could have only dreamed of! I am more happy now than ever before.
Reviewed by Kristina
Awesome Flavored Protein Shake
Whey Power Plus Protien Shake Mix is so delicious it’s addictive and I can’t thank Avalon Essentials enough for an Awesome Flavored Protein Shake
Reviewed by gretas
its like a blessing
I always knew I was different and loved dressing as a girl, I tried other breast enlargement but nothing worked, Transfemme has changed my life for the better, to me its like being reborn, and I am happy with the results I am having, and will continue , I don't know how much I will change, but everyday its like a blessing
Reviewed by Jecki
Thanks Transfemme
Hey there, I’m Jacki, and I can’t say enough about the Transfemme cream. I was using the old Transfemme cream and was having good results but now just in my second week of using the new Transfemme cream I can first say I really love the new fragance, and amazing how smooth and silky it goes on. I also have to say that after some few hours I did feel some kine of penetration in my nipples and they seem to protrude more. I can’t really explain it, but like Jules says I would get some tingling and and hardness in my nipples, and wow she is right so far. I can really say the new Transfemme cream is improved by far and seems to be working much faster than the old Transfemme cream. I started off with small man boobs and now I would say I am an a/b cup. I am doing the full program, taking the Bountiful Breast pills, the Transfemme pills, Booster pills and now just ordered their protein shake 2 weeks ago. The taste is amazing and unlike the other ones I was taking it’s not so chalky and thick. The protein shake I was taking put weight on me and while it is a little early I don’t see any weight gain yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. So, Jules put together am effective daily regimen after telling me about the new Transfemme pills. I have to say I was really and I mean really skeptic at first, but not now. Thanks Transfemme.
Reviewed by Croy
its amazing
I’m real pleased with your counseling and product and my wellness doctor is also in fact there amazed as to my mental health also the picture is proof that your plan works its amazing the difference in my thinking process that was what I really wanted where all my pictures really show is how your product works you can use along with my statements without me saying anything other than I have https://transfemme.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/picturemessage_jpkkwhbi.mpr_-e1591490433755.png