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I am 18 and I want to be castrated. I love Transfemme, my breasts are already bigger, rounder and womanly. I am definitely on my way to being fully feminized which is my ultimate goal :)
Thanks for the great product that lives up to the hype I have read on the message boards.

So far, so good. I started off with flat male breasts, I am now a small round B cup and happily filing out my Victoria's Secret bras. My breasts are sore and my nipples are more sensitive and larger. Good stuff! I'll be giving this a shot for a year to see how far I can get.
I am glad can get grow breasts without getting on drugs, seeing a doctor and being labeled in some database for the rest of my life that ends up who knows where? My privacy is very important to me. If I want to enjoy having breasts and cross dressing that is my personal business.
Thank you for the great support and products, you have been very helpful!

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